Surface Aeration

Surface aerators aim to bring biological benefits to your lake or pond by agitating surface water. These aerators work at the top of your water body, helping to circulate the water, oxygenating the water by exposing it to air and even breaking down algae and film that builds at the surface. They often involve a simpler mechanical method of operation that does not require compressors. Surface aerators can be easier to service and are effective for shallower applications where the risk of stratification is much lower. Deep water lakes and ponds however, may not have they’re needs met by surface aeration and will instead require a diffused aeration system to see healthier results.


At Solair Group, we offer a variety of surface aeration systems to meet the needs of your pond or lake. A paddle wheel aerator, for example, has the advantage of being mobile, They’re the most popular for aquaculture applications as they can effectively aerate a wider area. If you’re after a more aesthetic look, fountains do a decent job at increasing dissolved oxygen levels within a radius, and nozzles come in a variety of shapes and sizes to add a great visual aspect. Floating surface aerators are also available and work more effectively than fountains. They are able to move much larger volumes of water at the cost of visual appeal. In the end, the best type of surface aerator for your water body will depend on a number of factors including size, type and purpose. Not sure which one is best for your project? Feel free to get in contact with one of our hydrology engineers to receive an expert recommendation.