Dam Aeration


If you’re in the aquaculture business, and you’re looking to optimise your feeding regime, look no further than Solair Groups Solar Automatic Feeders. These systems offer a revolutionary perspective on providing feed to a lake or pond. They can increase convenience, increase production and reduce the overall cost of labour. You are given total control of your system to help best suit the needs of you and your aquatic life.

These systems, once set up and loaded with pellets, can feed up to 6 times per day for 1-15 second intervals automatically. They work by gravity feeding the pellets through an orifice into a feed-distribution box, which then distributes the pellets at feeding time by spinning rapidly. The Solar Automatic Feeder provides consistent 360-degree coverage within a 10-meter radius. The spread distance is dependent on type of pellet or grain used. It is recommended to use dry feed, as the system performs better with feed of low moisture content.

With total control, you can create a consistent feeding regime that you can simply set and forget. This system is completely self-sufficient, gaining its power from solar energy. Mains power is not required, therefore operate your automatic feeder remotely!

More benefits of Solair Groups Solar Automatic Feeders include:

  • Improves feed conversion ratios (FCRs) by 30%
  • Improves growth rates
  • Reduces feed costs
  • Prevents leaching of nutrients
  • Prevents degradation of water quality
  • Prevents excess feed from accumulating on the bottom of the dam

If you’re interested in optimising your feeding regime, feel free to send us your enquiry or give us a call!