Aquaculture is the fastest growing primary industry worldwide with new developments and information becoming updated and available every day. Australia is a bit behind, however, with big developments only occurring over the last 30 years. The industry is not as well established here and a lot of the information that is readily available is not accurate. While agricultural industries like wheat and animal farming are consistently updated and well managed, aquaculture still needs to get a good foothold so it is more accessible.


Businesses big and small across the globe can see the vast potential in this industry and it’s need for proper attention and investigation, and so can we. Here at Solair Group, we are industry innovators. Not only do we offer the latest information on new and old entrants to the industry, but we have dedicated hydrology experts constantly looking for gaps to fill with innovative technology designed and manufactured by us. We have years of education and experience under our belts and we are at your disposal. Your business is our business, and we want to assist you in all your aquaculture endeavours.


At Solair Group, we offer a variety of different services to our clients. Some of these services include:


Land-Based Pond Design & Licensing Service

If you’re new to the industry and are looking to construct different facilities to conduct land-based aquaculture in earthen ponds, you must first apply for approval from the local council and all government departments. You need to convince them that you are going to design to best industry practice and that your farm is not going to have a negative impact on the environment. You must show that you have sufficient knowledge about your species to be able to maintain conditions suitable for growth in a safe and commercially viable way. Also, you must be aware of potential dangers or difficulties and methods suitable to deal with them should they arise.


If your eyes are wide with bewilderment after reading that paragraph, then allow us to assist you. We know there is a lot of information to deal with for a standard farm design and application, probably more than you can be bothered with. It can be a huge hassle learning all there is and then putting the time and effort into completing the required paperwork (which can be up to 200 pages for even just small areas of development and take 6 months to receive approval!), but we are here to help. We have years of experience off the field dealing with councils and government departments in a professional manner and have a team of experts ready to walk you through the process.


So, if you are interested in starting your own aquiculture business or are in the process of getting started, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you get on your feet.


Pre-Purchase Property Inspections

If you are interested in getting into the aquaculture business, we can also assist you in selecting a property that is suitable for what you require. It can be difficult to gauge whether or not a property is suitable, or whether one is more suitable than another, but we can help you find a property that will give you the most success in your aquaculture facility and requires the least amount of money to construct it. Our team at Solair Group can visit one or several properties in a day, perform site inspections and provide preliminary advice on the suitability of the property based on your intended purposes. We’ve seen aquaculture facilities take many different forms during our time in the business and we believe that a piece of advice from us could mean better success for you.


Or, if you are looking to purchase a property with a pre-existing aquaculture facility, we can provide information on what sort of production you’ll observe and any design or production faults that could be a cause for concern.


So, if you’re interested in having one of our experts come out and inspect a selection of properties, feel free to contact us and we’ll make sure to maximise your profits.


Expert Witness Reports and Valuations

An expert witness report may be required to help deal with certain situations should they arise. They are constructed for the court to the “Expert Witness Code of Conduct (Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 2005 – Schedule 7)” and everything contained within this report needs to be properly explained and backed-up with appropriate documentarian. There can’t be any errors or gaps in the report, it must be impermeable. Should it be contested in court, you need to be certain it is substantiated.


You may require an expert witness report for insurance claims, court cases or compulsory acquisitions should you be dealing with lost production, future production potentials, or property and equipment valuations.


We are here to help you build the report, ensure it is watertight and can even make a court appearance should it be necessary. Our services are at your disposal, so contact us if you require them.


Business Plans and Framework Development Plans

To ensure you are getting the most out of your business, whether you’re just starting or thinking of expanding, you’ll need a business or framework development plan. This plan is an extensive, laid-out view of your business from the past, present and future. It is a substantial document that typically containing the following:

  • Business goals and objectives
  • Predictions of construction and setup cost
  • Look at target markets
  • Economic model
  • Financial forecasts
  • Significant time periods and dates

A business or framework development plan can be invaluable to you as it can be easily viewed and updated. If changes arise, you can properly gauge where your business might be headed for the future and what needs to be done to get there. You can record milestones and achievements and set targets to guarantee your financial success.


This plan gives you a vision for future development by projecting all your business goals, both small-term and long-term, right in front of you. Once constructed, it can give guidance on what needs to be done to achieve these goals and the timeframe for future development. If you are interested in acquiring bank assistance or approval from local councils or fisheries, a business or framework development plan will probably be what makes or breaks your case.


Of course, our services are available to help you build the plan from start to finish. It can be hard to know what sort of goals to strive for and how high to be setting your bar, so we can provide expert advice on the best way to build your plan to ensure your business is successful.

Our Services

Here at Solair Group, we want to help you with your water catchment in any way we can. We offer a wide range of services to suit your needs and each can be exactly tailored to your situation to maximise the sustainability and profitability of your lake, pond or dam.


It can be hard to come across good information, and it can be harder to even know what to do with it.  Bad information can be costly and even damaging for you water body, so it is crucial you acquire advice and recommendations that are not only scientifically accurate but specific to your situation, and that’s what our consulting hydrology engineers can offer. With one email or phone call, we can help you save time, money and effort.


Our hydrology engineers have studied, and continue to research the fundamental principles of water purification and catchment management systems so that we are you best option. With years of project experience under our belts, our team is able to make lasting decisions that make sure your getting the most out of your business. Should you choose to utilise our services, you will be able to gain access to vast academic training and experience and quality customer care.


Our hydrology engineers will find your goals, study your circumstances, inquire about issues, give thoughts and ideas and provide recommendations in a language you’ll understand to assist you in making your decision. We guarantee you will be satisfied with your treatment by our friendly and efficient team that you’ll want to come back!


For an expert consultation, you won’t have to pay a thing! Simply send us an email or give us a call and we will guide you through the process of repairing and maintaining your water catchment to let it reach its maximum potential.


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