Algae Control


Algae can be a big problem for any water body and, unfortunately, it’s one that will keep coming back if not properly controlled. It can be a pain in the neck, but it will keep your catchment, be it a fish-breeding tank or a swimming pool, safe and looking clean. We have a range of algae control products available to you from Solair Group that will help you fight back.




Filamentous algae or larger strings of algae can be simply brushed or scrubbed off, netted or removed by hand. Even if the majority cannot be removed through physical means, usually it will result in the algae being broken up or loosened to make chemical treatment easier. To remove those remaining stubborn growths, algaecides can be injected into the water. This process is similar to that of weed treatment and control and usually you end up doing both at the same time. Once the organic matter has been eliminated, it is important to remove it afterwards so it doesn’t increase the organic matter nutrient loading.


If you are already utilising aeration equipment for your water body, you’ll be happy to know that the water circulation stimulated by the system already does a great job at controlling algae! The increase in biologicals in the water will counteract the growth of algae, as well as providing enough oxygen to assist bacteria and enzymes in processing the dead organic matter.