BPEC™ System


BPEC is an abbreviation of the terms Biological, Physical, Ecologically and Chemical. BPEC is a term which has been trademarked by Solair Group.  It is the system which used by their consultants to evaluate and treat any water body. It is the fundamental approach used to improve a water body.


Biological may include but is not limited to the use of Probotics (bacteria), enzymes , amino acids and trace elements.


Physical is the use of various mechanical systems to aerate, pump and de-stratifying of a water body


Ecologically is ensuring that any treatment is not harmful to the ecology in and around the water body.


Chemical is the use of approved chemicals for water body treatment where necessary.


The BPEC system is the careful use of all these in combination and often in a certain order to obtain positive long-term outcomes for Clients.