Western Australia Waterski Park

WATER MANAGEMENT Digital Article by Scott Bell

40 hectares of water, containing ≈ 1.2 billion litres bio-remediated to eliminate blue-green algae, reduce coliform levels to provide safe water for swimming and skiing. We offer solutions to make the most of life's essential resource – water.

Lake Restoration, Nannup

WATER MANAGEMENT Case Study by Scott Bell

This lake restoration was a 5 hectare lake located in Nannup, in the South West of Western Australia. In June, 2014, the property owner contacted Solair Group to request assistance in dealing with several lake issues including algal blooms, ongoing fish kills and intense odours.

Rose Heritage Cafe

WATER MANAGEMENT Article by Scott Bell

Rose Heritage Cafe in Carmel was experiencing a number of issues in their lake on their ten-acre property. With a maximum water depth of over 8 metres, stratification had resulted in a lake due to extremely low oxygen levels in the lower water column. With no beneficial bacteria to break down organic sediment, a large amount of organic matter accumulated and noxious odours from hydrogen sulphide were experienced.